Entry #2: The Real Deal About My Writer’s Block

I write for three reasons.

To connect.

To provide opportunities.

To spark (or join) useful conversations.

These are the only reasons that nudge me to write from within.

And when I find myself stuck for long periods of time, it is always because I am trying to write for someone else’s reasons.  And it is because I am trying to write to prove something to you know who. Everybody’s got a different you know who, but we all have one.

This is when I start getting confused about whether I should write this or write that.

This is when I keep working on a story that interests me in theory, but doesn’t interest me in reality.

This is when I keep forcing myself to work on the first draft of a project that doesn’t meet my 1/6 rule.

And, as soon as I come back to the reasons why I write, it becomes really clear what to write, and what to focus on.

Still scary.

Still difficult, at times.

But clear.