The Children

At first, it fell

A gentle rain,

A few drops at a time.

It whipped, and split, and tore horizontal,

slanting through the sky.

Rain-soaked rooftops, clothing, people,

all in inky black

For weeks the rain bore down

Sidewalks crumbled, split, and cracked.

No sun. No moon. No stars.

The storm burned away the veil

And when it cleared, we felt relief

Those who survived the bitter gale.

We kissed, We hugged, We danced,

In golden sun and grey blue sky…

But then the children

of the town

stopped sleeping

stood screaming

through the night.

Whispered of something coming for them

dressed in robes of gold and white,

tapping on locked windows,

with jagged claws, and hollow eyes.

We rocked the Children close,

and held them near.

(It’s your imagination, we whispered, gently in their ears)

And even when their scars appeared,

we promised love. we promised comfort. we promised protection.

And that was our mistake.

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