Shape of the Future.

The tentacles of poverty and trauma attempt to reach out, stretching themselves forward in time, to bore into the minds, hearts, and spirits of every passing generation.

They want the stings of stolen dreams, failure, pain, shame, abuse, injustices never righted, to transmit forever forward and live on.

In you.

So you can never be free.

And neither can your children.

They want to seep quietly into your identity where they remain unprocessed, unacknowledged, unhealed, so that they can repeat themselves into perpetuity.

In different shapes and forms.

But always repeated. 

They want to sabotage your joy, passion, creativity, ingenuity, connection, and erase all the greatness, and ingenuity, and love that came before you.


And Ingenuity.

That thrived and shined, in quiet corners, even in the midst of the unspeakable.

They want to transmit, into your bones, the pervasive belief that you do not belong.

That you will never belong, with the people who are laughing, making art, doing well, breaking barriers.

Ambition is not enough to outrun them, daughter or son.

You will have to stop.

And look back.

And reach back, in time, and reclaim that once-obliterated sense of worthiness, for all of us.

You will have a chance to rewrite history, not the events, not the devastation. 

But the effect. 

In you.

Just because the future was stolen from them, and it was stolen from you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t fully belong to you. Now.

No one can give it back.

Claim it.

For yourself.

Rewrite the past.

Not the events but the effect.

Not the events but the effect.

Not the events but the effect.

Not the events but the shape of them.

In you.

Claim it.

Look back. Face the truth. See what happened. Rewrite history.

Or else they will bore forever forward and keep you in their grasp.

Poisoning you. Your young. And the future.

Feel back. Look back.

Rewrite history. 

Not the events.

Not the devastation.

But the effect.

In you. 

Claim it.

And shape the future.

In you.

For all of us.

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