Entry #9: Breaks.

I have given into taking a break.

I would rather take a break once I’ve accomplished everything I think needs to be accomplished.

But it is like all the systems just shut down, and I just need a break.

It feels like a flaw.

Like this is coming at the wrong time in the process.

But that doesn’t change the facts.

I need to incorporate more breaks.

I had a colleague long ago who looked at everything he did as a part of his brilliant creative process.

He craved a certain sandwich — part of the brilliant creative process.

Needed to work out — part of the creative process.

Needed to play video games for a few days and let off steam — part of the brilliant creative process.

It was all important. It was all part of who he was. It was all part of the process.

Then I started noticing everyone had ebbs, flows, and idiosyncrasies in their creative process.

And somewhere along the line I decided the only part of the process that counted, and that was worth prioritizing, was the part where I was at a computer, or at a desk, putting pen to paper.

But creativity doesn’t seem to work that way.

It seems to require stops and starts, and focus and space.

And it seems to require times of play, connection, and rest.