Entry #4: Friends, Allies and Enemies

My support system has had to change.

This has been an uncomfortable part of the creative process.

I’ve found it challenging, at times, to face the truth about where everyone, in my world, stands.

I’ve found that to be more challenging than encountering new friends, allies, and enemies, along the way.

I’ve been surprised by moments of support from people I didn’t expect.

I’ve been surprised by the opposite.

Once or twice, there’s been someone from the past, who found some way of saying, you know this isn’t going to work out, don’t you.

But I’ll still be here for you.

Their advice sounds like, don’t trust yourself, don’t trust the process.

Trust me, instead.


…I love you.

I am here for you.

…I know the truth.


It can be tempting to believe them, especially when you know you will need help, especially when you know you will need other perspectives, along the way.

But real support makes you feel more capable afterward, not less.

Real support makes you feel more like yourself, not less.

Real support gives you tools and encouragement.

And then it steers you back to yourself.