Entry #17: Impressions

Everybody gets a certain impression.

Eventually, you get a feel for the impressions that people typically get of you.

And you start to trust the impressions you first get of people.

Loving, or wise, or stern, or distant, or kind, or curious, or what have you.

Everybody gets a certain impression.

And then it’s like a chemical reaction.

Between you and them and them and you.

Have you ever tried to change this impression, the impression you get of someone or the impression they get of you?

It’s almost impossible.

What I have noticed, over time, can change is people’s conclusions.

But that first impression still shapes everything.

Whether you want to know them or not, whether they think they already know you, and how.

But what I have found, when thinking and feeling through characters, and in genuine relationships with people, is that individual impressions and individual traits rarely matter at all. They rarely reveal the truth.

What seems to reveal the truth are dynamics.

What happens when one character collides with another character.

What happens when another person collides with you.